Black Combat Boots

Well footwear is an important part of any man or women’s overall appearance. Most people realize this and include a number of different styles of shoes in their collection of footwear. Boots have always been associated with sexuality and a rugged style. However, not just any boots will have the exact classiness or army black combat boots. This is not just important if you are planning to join the army or looking at replacing your boots that meet military specifications and guidelines. Army combat boots have been the trend among civilians for a long time now.

For some people who are especially active in the outdoors and indulge a lot in activities like hiking these boots serve a specific purpose. These boots provide strong ankle support and hence are preferred by hikers. People indulging in activities like paintball or airsoft, often like to wear military attire, including army Black Combat Boots. Then there are the people who like to wear these boots simply as a style statement. The newer styles available in the market often incorporate features that are not included in the classic style of combat boots.

Black Combat BootsThings you need to know

If you are looking for the classic combat boots that meet military specs and guidelines then you need to keep certain things in mind. Otherwise you may end up with one of the newer improvised versions. There are some features you need to check before you buy your pair of classic combat boots.

a) The padding should be in the right place – Some new styles army black combat boots tend to have padding which helps to reduce the pain or fatigue in the foot or ankle. Padding may also be used in such a way as to act like a calf guard so that the boot does not dig into and cause blisters especially when it is new.

b) Color – The classic army combat boots are black in color, but you may opt for the ones available in khaki or sand color. The other popular colors available in the market are military green and gray.

c) Tread – This is probably the most important thing to consider while choosing combat boots because the performance of the boots depends on this feature.

d) Material – Traditionally army black combat boots are made of leather. However, nowadays you can find canvas, Gore-Tex and other materials or a mixture of these two materials. These newer materials make the boots more affordable as leather is an expensive material.

The use they are intended for

The most important thing to consider while choosing combat boots is what you intend to use the boots for. Some people want their boots to be water proof because they are going to be hiking in places where either the weather is not predictable or the conditions are exceptionally wet. Others may want their Black Combat Boots to be UV protected in order to help prevent them from fading due to exposure to the sun or get damaged.

Small details

Even the eyelets used for lacing up the boots are quite important, especially if you want your boots to last for a long time. Ideally the material of the eyelets should be rust proof so that it doesn’t get rusted over a period of time or after being worn in wet conditions.

If you intend to wear you combat boots in hot weather it is good to have boots especially meant for this kind of weather. Such boots will allow your feet to breathe better and avoid problems related to sweaty feet.

Getting the right size

It is important to get the right size of black combat boots to avoid problems. If the boots are too small for your feet, you will end up getting pains in the feet due to their being crushed. On the other hand if the boots are too loose they will give you blisters by rubbing against your skin. At the same time, even if you simply consider the question of being comfortable in your boots, it is essential to choose boots that are the right size.

Footwear should always be bought from a reliable store in order to ensure quality and the same applies to combat boots. Whether you want to wear your boots for style or for a specific purpose always buy the best quality boots available within your budget.


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